Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning


Let Us Manage Your Back-Up and Disaster Recovery Needs

The amount of data being stored is doubling every two years and its value is increasing year after year as businesses become more reliant on technology. However, according to IDC’s fifth annual Digital Universe study less than 40% of all small to medium-sized businesses properly and regularly backup their data. Without appropriate disaster and recovery planning, downtime is greatly extended and data is more susceptible to being lost.

IncubeTech will effectively reduce your cost of downtime by minimizing periods of downtime and securing data in the event of a disaster. Our disaster and recovery solutions give peace of mind that your data is secure and accessible even in the event of a major disaster where an entire infrastructure was destroyed.

Backup and Recovery Solutions:

  • Minimizes Downtime
  • Prevents data loss
  • Runs automatic data backups every day during lunchtime or even up to every 15 minutes
  • Upholds regulatory compliance mandates
  • Provides Monthly reports on backups
  • Provides co-location / redundant data storage
  • Allow for both Onsite and Offsite Backup

Take Preventative Action Against:

  • Sabotage, viruses, cyber-attacks, hackers
  • Power failures and disruptions
  • Communications sector failures
  • Transportation, safety, and service failures
  • Environmental issues
  • Floods, earthquakes, fires
  • Human error
  • System failure
  • Theft

Get the peace of mind of knowing you are well-prepared for the unexpected and know your business will stay up and running if the unexpected occurs.

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